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Press Release Distribution

Our Distribution Network consists of our own website, social media pages, direct email subscribers, and The Talk Wargaming Network which is a group of hobby content creators (Podcast, Bloggers, Youtube). The other half of the network are third party websites, forums, and other media outlets that distribute our news for us to their own audiences dramatically widening the reach to gamers


Unlimited duration for run time for your Press Release.


One price of $59.99 for distribution of your press release to numerous media outlets within our network.

Talk Wargaming Network

Press release is distributed through Talk Wargaming Network to Content Creators who in return distribute in with their own style to their own audiences.


Return On Investment oriented, if we don't provide results, you get your money back.


Assistance with editing your press release to get the best results possible to the wargamer.


A comprehensive reach with our own website, social media, direct email subscribers, and third party media outlets that enhance the press release.


Direct Subscribers


Average Monthly Impressions Across Talk Wargaming's Channels


Distribution Points


Talk Wargaming Network Creators

Direct Subscribers

Wargamers that are directly subscribed to our newsletter that comes out every Friday.


Your press release will be distributed through our media distribution points that consist of our own website, social media pages, direct email subscribers, TWG Network and third party media outlets that consists of websites, forums, podcasts, social media pages, and other media outlets. * For a list of our distribution points contact us*

Monthly Impressions

The monthly impressions only including our channels Faceboook - The Website - Twitter.


A group of content creators/hobbyists that create content such as tutorials, reviews, battle reports, and opinion pieces in the wargaming universe through websites, podcasts, and YouTube.

Your first Press Release is free!


Directions for submitting your Press Release.

Step 1# Create Press Release

Have a goal you want to achieve to create a Press Release you want that can achieve it.

Here is an example from us: Second Kickstarter Verge of War Going Live On May 21, 2019: SPACE PIRATES/GODLIKE ASGARS

Step 2# Submit Press Release

In this step you will fill out the required information in the form below to then Submit to us.

Step 3# Edit/Understanding

Once you submit the form we will review it to get in touch with you about editing for best results,

and understanding of what you want to achieve out of it, so we can get the goal achieved you seek.

Step 4# Invoice

Once everything is understood, and agreed upon, we will submit you an invoice through PayPal for payment to push out the Press Release.

Step 5 # Press Release Distributed
Once payment is received, we will distribute the Press Release according to your specifications.


To arrange a press release , submit it below. YOUR FIRST ONE IS FREE.