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Astra Militarum In Disguise By Den Of Imagination $8,499 USD

Who ever thought we would see the Astra Militarum as a rag-tagged outfit that sort of survived the apocalypse? Den of Imagination made that happen with this massive overhaul conversion set from Chaos miniatures into looking like somewhat of what would be left of a military in the apocalypse. Price: $8,499 Location: Poland

Warhammer 40K Red Scorpion Army By Jolly Roger Studios $2,800 USD

Take a look at these bad boys with their Red Scorpion conversion shoulders painted by the folks at Jolly Roger Studios. You'll be the envy at any hobby tournament with this 4,000 point army. Price: $2,800 Location: USA

Warhammer 40K Blood Angel Army $750 USD

This beautifully painted set of Blood Angels includes 33 miniatures that are ready for battle or collectible on your display shelf. Price: $750 Location: USA