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Space Ancients Tabletop Terrain Kickstarter!

Eldar themed 3D printed terrain campaign launching on 12 January Can be used with any 28mm/32mm sci-fi tabletop wargame. Orders will start shipping as soon as pledge manager orders are completed. Early Bird giveaway for first 36 hours of campaign with pledge. -  The Griffons Lair

Dread Saurian

As most people are only interested in my Dread Saurian I thought I would change my trade so am after ogor Mawtribes in trade for my dread. UK Based. via facebook.

Flames of War and Team Yankee

Flames of War list based in PA All prices include shipping. IN USA Willing to ship to another country but they will be paying for shipping. US Based. via facebook.

Space Wolves

Looking to reduce my collection and try to clear up the last of my 40k. Some models are missing from the larger pic, as I’ve since sold a few already. Let me know if there’s something you want to have a better pic of. There’s a large portion that is painted, some base coated, and still a lot of gray. US Based. via facebook.

Drukhari Painted Starter Army Wych Cult

Drukhari Starter Army Wych Cult painted and based to a dazzling tabletop standard. The first xenos codex of 2021 is Drukhari! Get a jump start on this army while the iron is hot! US Based. via facebook.